Monday, 29 April 2013

Week 11

This is the final post for this blog. Though probably not my final blog post period. I'm thinking of starting a blog in the summer that will relate to my podcast. In this post I will be looking at information gathered by both blogger and Google analytics. Some of the information will be factoring in my activity on the Blog.

 First I'll look at some information gathered by Blogger :

  • The total number of page views was 305. 
  • Biggest source of traffic was CIT with 131 page views. 
  • Post with the most page views was 'Week 02' with 13 views.  
  • The majority of views came from Ireland with 201 views. 
  • The most popular browser was Firefox with 126 views. 
  • The most poplar Operating System was windows with 279 views.
  • There was no information relating to search keywords.
The information is as I expected. I'm assuming there was no information realting to search terms because nobody found my blog through a search engine.

Now I will look at some information gathered by Google Analytics:

  • The bounce rate on my blog was 77.33%
  • New visitors was 73% .
  • Returning visitors was 27%.
  • The most popular ISP was local ethernet.
  • The most popular language was en-us.

This information is pretty much as I expected as well.

This has been a pretty interesting module. I got to learn about things I had an interest in and learn a load of new things that I ended up finding interesting. Some of the extras we could do on the blog were pretty cool as well. Mainly when were recommended to write a movie review. I look forward to starting my new blog in the summer.

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